Friday, May 14, 2010

Your Life in Rhythm


Your Life in Rhythm by Bruce Miller; he’s a pastor I know ;-)

When I first picked up this book I wondered if it was a question of semantics. Is this just another way of looking at managing my time? It didn’t take long to realize that Bruce was asking me to change the paradigm I use to look at time and my life.

The message of this book is that balance is an unattainable myth, a static state, and not realistic for anyone’s life. Instead of striving to find ‘balance’ we should be working to ‘understand the times,’ at various levels. This is from the flow of my day all the way to examining the season of my life. The season of life I’m in helps me make decisions about what I should be (and not be) doing. When I look at my year I can see the busy seasons and the more relaxed periods. What is it realistic to attempt in each of those phases? What should my expectations be?

What difference does this make in my life? I was concerned about the amount of travel I was doing for my role. As I looked at the overall flow (of my year and my life) and the state of my family, I realized that there are ‘high travel’ seasons and stretches where I am home. When I’m home, I focus on my family and preparation for the travel times. When I’m traveling, I don’t need to feel regret that I’m gone if I’ve been faithful to give my family what they need from me when I’m home.

I would recommend this book to anyone regardless of their season of life. I’m still working through applying many of the principles and I’m convinced they will help not only me, but my family.

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