Tuesday, May 18, 2010


On May 25th Chris Brauns, a guy I’ve decided is pretty cool, witty, and someone I could hang with regularly, will be doing a free online webinar on forgiveness.  Space is limited.

Chris Brauns, a keynote speaker  for our 2010 Peacemaker Conference and pastor of The Red Brick Church in Stillman Valley, IL will be doing a live webinar on Tuesday, May 25th starting at 9:00am Mountain Time. Chris is visiting our staff as part of our staff retreat, and  it is our privilege to have him available for a webinar.

Chris will be taking the audience through a “forgiveness quiz” and will expound upon some common misconceptions about forgiveness. This thought-provoking webinar will help you dig deeper on the topic of forgiveness (and help you prepare for the 2010 Peacemaker Conference on forgiveness).

Visit Peacemakers for more information.

HT: Chris, check out his blog.

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