Sunday, December 05, 2010

Bad photo-blogging


This is the sign that greeted us as we got on the bus to the airport. Kind of a funny way to start the trip from Stockholm to Tallinn and I looked 100% tourist as I stopped to take the picture.

We were there to visit Argo

Buinevitš and his family. Argo is starting a church in Lasnamäe, a district100_0601 of the Estonian capital, Tallinn.

I’m such a bad photo-blogger that I don’t have a single picture of Argo or his family. =(

James got some good ones, so I leech off of him and post some after we get back to Budapest. In lieu of emotion-grabbing photos, I have snow-filled, former-Communist apartment/development pictures from the area where Argo is working.100_0603 

100_0604100_0605100_0606100_0607The clean car is Argo’s.

We spent the 48 hours in Tallinn asking as many questions as we could and listening to Argo tell us about his heart for this district where there are no Protestant churches and one unfinished Orthodox church building.100_0612

We also tried to encourage Argo and Einike, his wife and their 10 yr old son Markus. Part of that was taking them out to eat on the Old Town square in Tallinn.

If I had taken the picture to truly show you what we saw in Estonia, they would show you a man and his family with a deep commitment to see God worshipped in an area where many of the people don’t even believe He exists. When I get the pictures from James, I’ll show you a man whose courage and determination I admire.

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