Thursday, December 02, 2010

Seventy new ones


The EFK is an exciting group in Sweden. I know the picture doesn’t exactly convey the electricity in the room, but that was because this was at the end of the day, following a lunch and we hadn’t been properly re-caffeinated.

A vision to start 70 new churches in Sweden before 2020 is inspiring. The sad reality is that by their estimation, that only slows the decline in the number of believers in Sweden. They told us how they close churches every year and hope to start new ones to replace them in growing areas of Sweden, but it’s difficult to keep up.

I should mention that there were more people at the meeting earlier, but I was too engaged in the conversation to think about getting a good group shot. Regardless, it was an encouraging day as they expressed their desire to help as many people as possible start as many new churches as possible. And they asked us to help.

Later today we hop over to Tallinn, Estonia for 48 hours to check in with Argo, a church planter there. No updates for a bit, because I’m not taking my computer. Pray that we can be an encouragement like we’ve been encouraged here.

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