Saturday, January 01, 2011

My most deadly enemy in 2011

“…God blesses us so that His glory might be made known in all nations. But an all-important question remains. How do we make God’s glory known in all nations?” – David Platt in Radical

The house is quiet as I sit here on New Year’s Day. Football hasn’t started in the US and no one is up yet after the parting last night. So I’m thinking about the new year. In 2011, how do I do my part to make God’s glory know in all nations? What is it that I believe He is calling me to this year? Heavy stuff, but I’m most of the way through my pot of coffee and I think this is the kind of moment for these thoughts.

God has us in a unique position. He has shaped me in a specific way, given me experiences that most others haven’t had. You can say the same thing. You and I are instruments in our Father’s hand, formed by Him to fulfill a specific role in making His glory known in all nations. Heavy. Scary.

Most days, I love everything about what He has called me to. But there are days where I look at this place He has me and I want to step back into safer areas, areas where I don’t have to trust Him so completely. Comfort is probably one of my most deadly enemies. Humility and courage have to me two of my greatest allies.

I think I see the answer to the ‘how’ question for my life. The next is', “In His power, will I do it?” I’m praying for you and me, that this year we will.

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